“Has there ever been a night where I’ve been like ‘If I play fucking ‘Give It Away’ again my cock’s gonna fall off’?

                                                                                                                          Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers


1.The Stooges - Raw Power (1973)

2.Pixies – Surfer Rosa

3.The Breeders – Pod (1990)

4.The Vaselines – Dying for It (1988, listed as Pink EP)

5.The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World (1969)

6.Fang – Landshark! (1982)

7.MDC – Millions of Dead Cops (1981)


And now….  A total puff piece of writing, purely promotional and 100% unauthorized

A long time ago when men were men and women knew that their rightful place was at home, Sinatra strode like a whiskey soaked giant across the American musical landscape.

By 1948 he was the undisputed musical caesar, “The Voice” who could screw any man's wife with easily, his piercing blue gaze picking off boarded housewives like a hyena looking for the weak, yes Sinatra truly was a god amongst men.

Nick is a lying snake, a wiley little fellow who dodges the subject of delivering on the promised free T-shirt at every turn, he is a slippery gypsy and not to be trusted!

They’re a funny breed in Devon and more than a few of them should be given a very wide berth!

This however does not apply to Nick, an absolute legend in Exeter who wields an ungodly knowledge over Britpop and his show Britpop Revival is hands down the best radio show for “Cool Britannia” I’ve ever heard.

John Lennon was an arsehole!

This isn’t click bait or some rant about ripping off drug addled scumbags in Cornwall.... John lennon really was just a pretentious money grabbing wife beating arsehole

Looking down at her filthy fingernails I seriously questioned weather this fat little troll had been in the presence of soap and water this side Christmas.

She demanded again “How much you wanna give me?”  her thick Cornish accent only cut my patience slightly further.

Listening to the Britpop Revival show on Phonic FM is a thoroughly depressing experience

Nick the host is a bumbling kind of guy that one imagines, if he didn’t have his show, would be out there, above the the railway tracks with notepad and camera in hand excitedly jotting down some useless information about some old train nobody else except other soon to be divorced trainspotting men give a flying fuck about.

I’m sure it used to be a garden fence, the rotting slates that lay buried in the foot high grass are a lingering indication something once stood here, weeds, the size of small bushes are dotted amongst an assortment of broken bicycles, plastic coke bottles, beer cans and fag ends, huge piles of dog crap in varying stages of decay add to the general depressing ambiance of the place...

-6 Degrees temperatures and artic weather would be enough to stop most people getting out of bed in the mornings,let alone creating anything as stunning beautiful as “Architecture” by Mission Jupiter, an incredibly tight group from Belarus lead by the gorgeous Nastia Shevtsova

We spoke to the group about their mission, their music and creating a modern masterpiece

We all know one of these awful human beings don't we...

 Let us be completely honest with ourselves for a second, Glastonbury is for geared up for white middle class folk in their late 30s to early 40s with a spare £248 plus £5 booking fee in their pocket, it’s true.

Check out these overpriced and unbelievably Rare Imports, Unofficial Releases and Bootlegs from around the world, direct from our own customers personal collections and shared freely with you guys at Top Hat Records 

(Big thumbs up to Sean Barratt from Lincolnshire & Mike Anstey from Plymouth) for sharing with us) 

From questionable artistic decisions to bestiality - the world of music is littered with poor creative choices that have left many executives with sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns.

Overpriced, disinterested staff, out of stock items and a general feeling of inevitable closure. Welcome to the wonderful world of your HMV.

Perhaps you live in one of the few towns to still have an HMV after the massive store closures that swept across England in 2018, killing off sites in Ayr, Bath, Kent, Bristol, Manchester, Chichester, Watford, Exeter, Tunbridge Wells, Uxbridge, and Wimbledon (did we miss any, Glasgow?)

1. Tapes are STILL underground

Most people today only associate music that "Sounds Better" with vinyl records and high end stereo equipment, this unfortunately has driven up the price and demand of even the not-so-rare vinyls, making some of them far too expensive for the average collector without the serious money it takes now to buy a 1st press mono White Album or a Black Sabbath mispress Vertigo Swirl.