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Kirk Owers presents the Warp Factor show on Channel 1 Music Radio and gives an insight into the life of a working DJ.

First things first, I read your bio, says you started at 10 with salvaged radio Caroline equipment, so, is it really true, are you really a pirate?

Ha ha, as much as I would like to reply with Ahoy mateys, sadly no, I'm not a pirate, although it is true that I did first cut my teeth with ex-radio Caroline equipment couertousy of a friend.
Whether that classifies me as an early radio pirate or not is up to you, but with a nickname of Captain all my life, there's many avenues here...

We here at Top Hat Records have recently started running around Cornwall on our own little mission and as the more of observant of you may have noticed we have a sudden influx (along with our usual vinyl selection) of a certain 80s and 90s staple (no, I don’t mean tubs of cheap hair gel and 4 channels of television) I speak of course of the awesomeness that is the humble tape cassette.. (insert groan here!)

Tom Hingley was the lead singer of the Inspiral Carpets during the band’s years of commercial success between 1989 - 1995 and again from 2003 - 2011 he remains the voice behind such classics as “Saturn 5”, “Find Out Why”, “Two Worlds Collide” and “This Is How It Feels” before being unceremoniously sacked and replaced in 2011 bringing an abrupt end to nearly 2 decades of the “classic” inspiral lineup.

Featuring Dave (the accountant from Cardiff)


So, I’ve just been to see ‘Rocketman’. Guess what I’m listening to now?....


(Dave goes silent)

Firstly why heavy metal? Your voice lends itself well to rock.

It's interesting the way you've phrased that. I don't see Final Coil as a heavy metal band and never have, although the heavy metal community has been fantastic in the way that they've embraced us. Indeed, we've always struggled with genre in this band.

Helen and Mark are a music loving couple from Dorset with a 1960s VW Camper lovingly converted into a mobile music mobile who travel around the UK, visiting festivals and sharing their passion of music with like-minded people.