1. Tapes are STILL underground

Most people today only associate music that "Sounds Better" with vinyl records and high end stereo equipment, this unfortunately has driven up the price and demand of even the not-so-rare vinyls, making some of them far too expensive for the average collector without the serious money it takes now to buy a 1st press mono White Album or a Black Sabbath mispress Vertigo Swirl.

Cassettes still offer a cheaper alternative to collectors while retaining the vintage analog sound of vinyl at a fraction of the price

Check out these currect prices on Discogs of this Led Zeppelin I Reissue

Discogs Vinyl Price £27.95 Discogs Cassette Price £2.89

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2. Not YET on TV Adverts

When most of us first starting buying vinyl 10-15 years ago you could walk into any charity shop on the high street and find tons of dusty boxes filled with absolute gems for 50p

Those days are sadly well behind us and now all that's left for true music fans are dog eared copies of James Last Plays The Hits of 1967!

Do you remember when Specsavers showed that kid washing his dad's vinyls? It wasn't aimed at us folks!

images kid

Lesson here is when the Hipsters get involved in something underground and mainstream media smells money the price goes up for us all, just search eBay for S.F Sorrow by The Pretty Things!

However all is not lost.......

Cassettes at this very moment are not yet popular with the beared flannel shirt posse busying themselves around Camberwell or Camden, so all these beatutiful tapes are widely available and going for a song (pun intended)

3. Cassettes are cheap and plentiful

Finally, as nobody except real music fans, LoFi freaks and those seeking to reap the financial benefits in a few years from stockpiling Oasis and Blurare buying up tapes there is a ready supply in all the local chairty shops and carboots

top 20 cassettes

I've been offered boxes and boxes of Beatles Iron Madien and Radiohead tapes for almost nothing as the previous owner didn't want to see their prized childhood ending up in skip somewhere and I've gladly taken them away and listed them on my store

I'm not expecting to make a great of profit this years however I'm very keen to be at the start, of what I'm sure, will be a tape revolution when all the hipsters get bored and move onto something new