We all know one of these awful human beings don't we...

 Let us be completely honest with ourselves for a second, Glastonbury is for geared up for white middle class folk in their late 30s to early 40s with a spare £248 plus £5 booking fee in their pocket, it’s true.

I really want to stick with this honestly theme for a moment here, does Miles who runs the jointly owned The Bean Brothers coffee shop in Horsham West Sussex, a town with a 95.8% white population really relate to the everyday struggles of the black youth of Brixton that Stormzy rapped about in is set on the pyramid stage this Friday....and before you answer you already know the answer don’t you!

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Every year pretentious bearded hipsters and girls in flowery bikinis preen around the site pretending to be hippies for 3 days and the growing sea of white faces that beam out over our televisions screens becomes just slightly more grotesque with each passing year.

I can't but help to think that these plastic people who preach unity and a willing desire to collectively care and share with their fellow human beings are the same people that when Monday morning comes rolling along would usually go out there way to avoid eye contact with strangers on the Monday to Friday 8.37 commute to Green Park.

Truly I believe sharing £10 a gram homegrown organic kush doesn’t excuse anyone from being an uncharitably selfish individual for the other 362 days a year.

It’s impossible for anyone to pretend anymore than Glastonbury is nothing more than a money making machine and that’s OK, let's just be honest about it!

People can be selfish self serving hypocrites and Glastonbury can provide them with a safe space to pretend to be the person they would like to be, if only for 3 days a year.

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Unfortunately every god damn year we dress up this pretentiousness as a collective celebration for our fellow man but it’s just an excuse for some white folks to get drunk in a field, fucked up on a steady diet of pills, weed and £70 a gram pink champagne cocaine, all the while surrounded by like minded white people with enough spare cash to cover the £50 on the day parking charge.

 Stormzy’s set painted an ugly truth and I’m going to have to spend longer than I would like amount of time trying to forget about it, not the strobe lighting or Banksy made bullet proof vest but as the camera panned out across the human zoo all that I saw was a sea of white faces.DDD09C34 0CAE 40D3 957C 579FEEE19D3F

It’s utterly fantastic to see a Grime artist on the pyramid stage but what I find disgusting is the fact we make such a show of him being black, like we’re doing the black folks a favour allowing one of their own to be up there!!

It feels like we perform these ridiculous spectacles every so often just to make ourselves feel better, the colour of your skin shouldn’t be an issue anymore, as it never should of been in the first place.

I cannot help but shudder every time I read another terribly backwards article that has in its opening lines “the first black person” it’s 2019 people, why is this still an issue here? and if you don’t know why we’re not moving forward at a much faster rate together, perhaps take a good look at the Glastonbury audience this Sunday.7E865955 5033 428D 9A92 1C54DF96125F