Helen and Mark are a music loving couple from Dorset with a 1960s VW Camper lovingly converted into a mobile music mobile who travel around the UK, visiting festivals and sharing their passion of music with like-minded people.

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So, when did you guys start?

We just started in March. After deciding we wanted to start our own record store, we looked into buying a store of our own but the just numbers didn't add up and as we already had this fantastic VW camper van it seemed only natural to set up shop in there and take our passion on the road with us.

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It's combines our loves of music, festivals and meeting like-minded people and what better way to enjoy all 3 than by travelling around in a 1960s camper.

Sounds idyllic, who's in charge of choosing the music you guys select?

Well, Me (Mark) however Helen sneaks her stuff in when she's thinks I'm not looking, so we always have a great eclectic mix going on in the bus and never quite know what we're going to have from one week to the next.

What sort of music are you listening at the moment?

Well, we sell all sorts in our bus from Dub and Ska to Rock and Blues to Electronic with a bit of everything in between thrown in. At the moment we're listening to Tom Waits and Prince, and Helen loves her indie so there's a real mix of stuff going on. We're digging the new DJ Yoda album and Pan Amsterdam too.

If you had to choose one Vinyl, Tapes or CDs what would it be?

Well, we stock mostly vinyls at the moment however we do sell CDs and Cassettes along with a few music books for good measure, we don't just want to stick with one thing, we really are into everything.

Where are you guys taking the Vinyl Van"next?

We're at Vannfest 7th to 9th June, then onto Eats 'n' Beats Cratedigging in Bournemouth on the 15th June, and then Jurassic Fields and Outcider festivals - so keeping us busy over the next couple of months, pop along and come and see us if your passing by.

We wish the best of luck to you both of you and hopefully we'll see you soon!

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