Featuring Dave (the accountant from Cardiff)


So, I’ve just been to see ‘Rocketman’. Guess what I’m listening to now?....


(Dave goes silent)

So Dave.....what was it like..? it can’t be any worse than that dreadful Bohemian Rhapsody film! (shuddering at the memory)

Hey, I liked Bohemian Rhapsody !!!

(Dave would, he’s an accountant) 

I love 70s Elton, the rest is pretty much littered with ghastly wigs and terrible albums

(Ignoring Top Hat)

Really enjoyed it. Superb portrayal
My favourite era too

Don’t tell me anything, need to go and watch the thing soon

Brought back lots of karaoke memories

(Breaking into song) “And I think it’s gonna be a long long time...”

I see what you did there, just please don’t sing!

(Ignoring Dave) What’s your favourite, early Elton Album?

I really like Tumbleweed Connection but I’m going to be boring and say Yellow Brick Road

No that’s great too, They’re all superb, apart from......



(Nobody likes Caribou, do they!?)

71BalaeIjEL. SL1400 How well Do you know Tumbleweed Connection?

Not as well as some of his earlier ones. It’s only the last few years I’ve bought a lot of them. Played it a few times since talking to you though.

(Top Hat has GREAT taste)

Dave Tumbleweed Connection is the BEST Elton album, I never put it back in my cabinet.
I don’t actively try to sell anything to anybody but honestly you NEED this album...
Burn Down The Mission Country Comfort, all AMAZING songs

I love country and americana. Have to admit I left it so long there was no tunes on there I recognised

(Editors note: Dave readily chooses Pulp over Oasis so please forgive his lack of knowledge)

Your life will improve with ownership of this album .
Even on my god awful Alexa it sounds lush but it’s just so much richer and deeper on vinyl

I’m going to build up my Elton vinyl starting tomorrow 
I bet amazon are appreciating it too (Top Hat prefers eBay)

I was in Sainsburys earlier, had most of Elton’s CDs for a £5

(Dave is Waitrose man)

Got most on iTunes. Really want the double Very Best Of vinyl. The one with the blue cover. My Elton introduction

I know that album , had a few copies before, very comprehensive album, good songs
and “it’s gonna be a long long time”

What did we say about your singing..!?
First heard it on a holiday to the US in 92. My cousin took it then I got it a year later on copy and he played the guts out of it

(Abruptly Dave disappears, probably to pray for forgiveness about listening to Pulp 24/7)

(Later in the day Dave sheepishly reappears )

Order made... Give me all your Elton !!!

Dave (looking over his order) this is more Elton than any man has ever owned

I need more !!! Going through from the start on iTunes. Empty Sky is one I definitely need on vinyl. GYBR and Captain Fantastic too. On the self titled second album at present. Also a great album.

I’ve only seen one copy of empty sky and I kept it (I’m selfish)
Not that fantastic but filled the back catalogue
Also look out for “Friends” album too

Friends ? Not familiar with that one

(Suddenly Dave wandered off, again, hunting for Pulp fans)

Just found “Friends” on wiki. I’ve never heard that one 

GUEST bf36b65c 7dc3 4dfa 8987 9ea966cf4723It’s not bad but it’s hard not to compare it to his self titled album
Yes not much info on Wiki but still very good
Sort of rare as it’s not been reissued, I think ? I need to fact check that!

The self titled is another great album. Two albums I have seriously neglected.

(Typical Pulp fan)

“Take me to the pilot” is a great one
“I need you to turn to”
Go listen to that last one first , really haunting, super album

Sixty Years on I really like too

Yes yes
“Someone Saved My Life Tonight, sugar bear”

Sugar bear....seriously that was terrible! I’m fortunate I have a job where I can listen to my music. Think I would have gone crazy by now otherwise

What line of work you in Dave


Sorry about that Dave (We Are NOT Sorry)


I like talking to you Dave, seem like a smart guy with a lot to say

Ha ha people usually use a different description for my ramblings!
I love talking about and discussing music. Unfortunately no one else in the office knows what I’m on about most of the time

Same here, if it wasn’t for finding, cleaning and packaging orders, sourcing stock, working part time, cleaning the house all I’d do is talk out music

(Suddenly Dave wanders off, mumbling something incoherent about Pulp)

4 hours later

Sorry about that that, just finished the Self titled album (Elton John) I wonder which one is next?

Honky definitely

You said Honky....
Our survey said...

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God what is this?

You never seen family fortunes ?

Family fortunes shrugOh yes....and the survey says? What happened to Les Dennis?

Does anybody know, who can we ask?!

What You Playing Next Dave?

Tumbleweed Connection 

Good choice Dave, let me know what you think

(40 minutes later)

Have you finished tumbleweed Dave?

Last track. I keep getting bloody phone calls.
Some people are so inconsiderate

Don’t they realize what happening here!?!

I know. Suppliers just don’t think when they are chasing money

At least your still standing, you’re a true survivor

I see what you did there
Was lucky to still be after butchering it once on karaoke

(Ignoring Dave to answer emails)

“Madman Across The Water” now

Ah yes and just who is Razor Face

Just come on

49896957 315442729347142 3238506990174994432 nThat album is worth listening to just for “Hold me Closer Tony Danzer“ 

I thought that was a bonus track on the German release ?!

Indian Sunset

Honky time

Don’t Shoot Me now

Good god Dave, superb choices , brings me back to when rock was young and me and suzy had so much fun

Brings me back to another karaoke nightmare

Please don’t sing Dave, what is your bloody obsession with Karaoke?!

Are you going to get into Captain Fantastic today?

I’m not going to finish this. Only about 35 mins left in this office

(Dave secretly loves being an accountant)

Shame, but that's the circle, the circle of life

I think it’s curtains for your comebacks

Ah must be the clouds in my eyes

Are they making you cry to heaven ?

God, you’re funny Dave (Dave is actually quite funny for a Welshman)

Not familiar with that one. Was it a B-Side ?

Ha ha ha, If that was meant as joke, very funny, I'm running out of Elton puns!
I'm going back to my plough!!!

I mentioned heaven and you came back with god. Kind of a connection.
You just need to believe

Your a massive tit Dave

Just the one ?

Your hopeless Dave, tell Jarvis I said hello to his career

(Top Hat blocks Dave from future communication)