-6 Degrees temperatures and artic weather would be enough to stop most people getting out of bed in the mornings,let alone creating anything as stunning beautiful as “Architecture” by Mission Jupiter, an incredibly tight group from Belarus lead by the gorgeous Nastia Shevtsova

We spoke to the group about their mission, their music and creating a modern masterpiece


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When did the band start?

The band was formed in August 2015. At first it was organized as a musical experiment. Later everything changed and we decided to record this atmospheric stuff we were playing together :D So, the main vector of the band is to make beautiful and conceptual work for everyone who appreciates melodic music.


"The most important problems in our country are corrupt courts and usurpation of the power! P.S. But we have awesome and pretty girls in Belarus!"


Who makes up Mission Jupiter? Who plays what instrument?

We have 5 permanent members in the band: We haveArtem Gulyakevichon bass, Vladimir Shvakel plays guitar, Nastia Shevtsova vocal duties, Eugenue Zuev on the drums and finally Dmitri Soldatenko on saxaphone.

We are a group of enthusiastic people loving different music genres, but we still have some common musical tastes. We not only create music, we are also great friends and enjoy spending time together. It makes our work even more exciting.

DA825B43 1F9C 4B0C A18D CD67753A9D00Why call the band Mission Jupiter?

We had quite a lot of ideas of what to call the band, but we always returned to "Mission Jupiter". These 2 words really describe our attitude to what we do. Our Mission is first of all to our music. We tend to reach the ideal – planet Jupiter, which is the greatest planet of the Solar System. We all love space, which inspires and fascinates us.

How would you best describe the band?

Well…the most amazing fact about us is that we all enjoy different music genres, but still have something in common. It reflects in our album "Architecture". We are not afraid of making some not so typical actions while creating music. So, we call our genre "alternative dream rock". If you listen to the album, you will understand why. The music is very atmospheric and dreamy with space metaphors bounding everything together.


"If we were, let’s say, in England or in the USA it would be easier to demonstrate our band to the public"


What is the music scene like in Belarus?

Hmmmm, thisis very complicated question. I mean, Iknow how to answer it but when we speak about our metal/rock scene, we need to understand that the situation is ambiguous. We have great folk metal bands, classic heavy metal bands, experimental bands, but they are really unknown! I mean when you live in Belarus it's totally difficult to find your place under the sun playing metal music. Small amount of festivals, clubs and people who are involved and love metal music. I mean we have dedicated fans of this music genre but musicians don't have a lot of tools to demonstrate their music to the public.

970A88DD F712 4FB0 BE21 4444F165853AThe music industry as a serious formation simply does not exist. Bands have to struggle by their own without any help and people from the industry. We hope the situation will change in future!

So do you think being in the East instead of the west, say America or England would be a help or hinderence for the band?

Excellent question! For our type it’s, undoubtedly, a bad thing. The problem is that we do not have a proper industry and audience here. There no fest oriented for our style of music. So we have to play at beer fests where everyone just dancing and drinking and etc. Speaking about music clubs, this is another story. We can play mostly in Minsk where there are several clubs with full backline!

Of course, if we lived in America or England it would be easier for us to find gigs, labels and etc. We wrote tones of emails until we found our label calledEpictronic, again visas problems make everything not very simple. We are trying to promote the band sitting in Minsk, Belarus, so we hope one day will break through with our material and will be able to perform abroad.

We are in the process of attracting new people and media to our music. The next aim is to start playing shows. And yes, if we were, let’s say, in England or in the USA it would be easierto demonstrate our bandto the public.

Did I see your album in vinyl, was it hard to get it pressed in Belarus?

I’m afraid not, we are still waiting for the official release of our album on vinyl and CD! Audio Anatomy, our polish distributor, is waiting for bigger distributor for Architecture album. We didn’t press it in Belarus, because we need promotion services for this album. We will do everything with the help of this polish agency.


"Touring Europe is one of our most important goals"


Our label manager from Epictronic helped us to get free license deal with Audio Anatomy. So now we are just waiting for the release and hope for the best. Fingers crossed!AFDCB614 139B 47D4 9AE5 47557FFE9A35

Do you have many shows coming up?

I would not say many, it would be better to say several. The point is that right now we are focused on new release (vinyls and cds + new music video for the song from Architecture album)! Also we are recording new stuff for the next album.

We have several prearranged shows here in Minsk! So that’s enough to be in a good shape as a band! If there is a great promo for the album and people love it, we will have a good chance to play in Europe and the rest of the world soon. Please, stay tuned!

Tell us here in England and thewest something we might not know about Belarus!

Weeeell, When you have money it's quite easy and convenient to live in Belarus. Our picturesque nature and people are the most important assets of Belarus. So now thenegative moments….

We expert changes in our society. Democratic things need to be improved.

Regarding the infrastructure, people from Europe often think that Belarusis a third world country with ugly buildings from the Soviet Unionera.That’s alie. In terms of taste, this is a beautiful place where,by the way,is much cleaner and tidier than in many European countries.

The most important problems in our country arecorrupt courtsand usurpation of power! P.S. But we have awesome and pretty girls in Belarus!

What is next for the band?

As we have mentioned, Mission Jupiter has released its first album called "Architecture" and now we are in the process of recording our as yet untitled follow up but we already have a lot of ideas. Our new music video is very coming soon, it’s almost ready. We have some concerts in Minsk this summer. At the moment, we are also connecting with people who help us with performances. The tour is one of our most important goals.


Listen to Mission Jupiter on:

Apple Music: apple.co/2tf6Rus

Google Play: bit.ly/2WQ3YOm

Spotify: spoti.fi/2E2SJuF

Deezer: bit.ly/2GAQY9u

YouTube: bit.ly/2Ij5tBm

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