From questionable artistic decisions to bestiality - the world of music is littered with poor creative choices that have left many executives with sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns.

Here we look at our favorite top 10 banned album sleeves of all time, so far...


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10. Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction

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Tame by today’s standards but in 1987 a robot raping a Girl Scout was still a taboo subject for most folks!

Top Tracks: Welcome To The Jungle / Paradise City / Sweet Child O’ Mine


9. John Lennon/Yoko Ono - Two Virgins

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Wife beating, extra martial affairs and Lennon’s penis can’t explain why this awful album ever saw the light of day in 1968, avoid this album!

Top Tracks: Anything else (AVOID)


8. NOFX - Eating Lamb

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The 6th album from punk rock gods NOFX was banned in Germany when it was released 1996, and when the “liberal” Germans ban something you know it’s serious.

Top Tracks: Release The Hostages / 8th August / Liza


7. Pantera - Far Beyond Driven

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Pantera’s 1994 original artwork for the Far Beyond Driven album was pulled after executives freaked out causing Phil and the boys to bend over and take one for the team (creatively)  

Top Tracks: Planet Caravan / I’m Broken / Becomming 


6. Tad - 8 Way Santa

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Tad Doyle, the 300 pound vocalist of Seattle grunge band TAD probably didn’t think anything when he submitted the artwork for the groups 3rd album, 8 Way Santa, however when an unsuspecting couple saw themselves on the cover they promptly sued Subpop as Tad had failed to mention he found the photo of the now born again Christians in a Washington thrift store.

Top Tracks: Trash Truck / Wired / Giant Killer


5. Chumbawamba - Anarchy 

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 The only outlet that banned Chumbawamba’s 1994 album was iTunes, apparently Apple and Steve Jobs wasn’t too keen on the band showing an image of the daughter he abandoned (look it up) 

Top Tracks: Timebomb / Homophobia 


4. Blind Faith - Blind Faith

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 Famous photographer Bob Seidemann had some questionable motives and was a cheapskate to boot. The original model was just 14 but when she didn’t fulfill his vision so he had her 11 year old sister come in to pose for the sleeve, her price for the photos was a horse however uncle Bob paid her just £40!

Top Tracks:  Can’t Find My Way Home / Presence Of The Lord


3. Metallica - Metal Up Your Ass

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Before Kill ‘Em All was released in July 83 Metal Up Your Ass was widely circulated among the underground metal community, this was the original album title and artwork all set to go to the printers, however Megaforce Records deemed it inappropriate and Lars, not one to miss the opportunity to sell more records quickly changed the sleeve and artwork to the more family friendly Kill ‘Em All ( Would Megadeth of done the same thing!?)



2. Scorpions - Virgin Killer

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Classic 70s rock from Germany with even more questionable artistic decisions than Blind Faith, particular as this girl is only 10 years old! Even the most pretentious of excuses can’t explain this one away, not cool Germany!

Top Tracks: Hell-Cat / In Your Park / Virgin Killer


1. Coup -  Party Music

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This is unfortunately top of our list because, although the album is fantastic and actually wasn't released until November 2001 the original sleeve was designed in June 2001, just months before the Twin Towers came crashing down and it can be seen in very poor taste that Boots Riley of Coup wanted to release this cover and didn’t understand why it might of been just slightly offensive.

 Top Tracks: Ride The Fence / 5 Million Ways To Kill A C.E.O / Get Up